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Barony Dev Update - Legends and Pariahs DLC Progress Update

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to the offical Turning Wheel DevBlog!

So what's been happening? I realise we're long overdue on an update for our second upcoming Legends and Pariahs DLC pack. As for me, I've been checking in code almost daily in the last couple months and progress is going well! We probably officially started work in April earlier this year after seeing the great reception everyone had to our first Myths and Outcasts DLC pack.

As for the content already planned/announced for the upcoming DLC - we've got two classes and races mostly completed and are currently working on finishing up the third class/race.

Then of course we've got new achievements still in the works to complement our new content, and after that we can finally bring the store page up to scratch for release.

If you hadn't seen before - our announced new races and classes were:

  • Goblin / Shaman class
  • Insectoid / Hunter class
  • Incubus / Punisher class
  • Automaton / Machinist class

I'd like to think we tackled the hardest creatures in this pack first, so I'm hopeful the remaining DLC work will be quicker to implement than the time it has taken us to get to this point.

For reference, Myths and Outcasts took around 4 months since December 2018 to finish - and that didn't include the planning, initial design, or modelling and animation work we did to already include the 8 playable races via a Polymorph Potion in the current available build.

So, there's the short rundown of where we are at. What's great is that now that we've finally got our own blog up and running, we're going to update at least weekly with some nice .gifs and finally get to show off the fun stuff we've been working on.

My next blog update: I'll get to talk about our magic system and what we're doing to change things up in the next patch.

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Until next time!