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Beta Changelog - Gameplay Changes (V3.8.5)

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Gameplay/Balance changes:

Base Class Rebalance:

  • Most of the base Barony classes have been modified to improve utility or to focus on their specialization.
  • Check out this dedicated post for more information: Base Class Rebalance (V3.8.5)

New Item: Monocle!


  • +1 PER
  • 200% gem appraisal speed
  • Enables any player monster to trade with shopkeepers if visibly worn (will not work while shapeshifted or invisible).
  • Has no effect under "Wanted!" status effect
  • The Merchant class now starts with this item.

Shopkeeper Hostility changes:

Reworked how players are considered hostile to Shopkeepers:

Old: If a Shopkeeper targets a player for any reason, all player humans/automatons are considered hostile.

New: Individual players are marked as hostile ("Wanted!" status effect) when attacking or killing a shopkeeper, not when the Shopkeeper targets players.

enter image description here

  • New "Wanted!" status effect lists your infractions:

    • Assassination
    • Inciting Violence
    • Accessory to Violence
  • Shopkeepers by default still only trade with Human and Automaton players, but will trade with other monsters holding a Merchant's monocle, provided they are not "Wanted!"

  • Hostility is tracked per player, per race. (e.g polymorphing into an automaton will not carry over your "Wanted!" status as a human)
  • If an infraction happens inside a shop area, then any other players inside the shop tiles are now "Wanted!" for accessory.
  • Alternatively if the above check fails, if the Shopkeeper has line of sight to any other players they will also be "Wanted!" for accessory.

Map Changes:

  • Underworld area has been reworked with 180+ map changes and additions, including new shrines to traverse the area without levitation.

Underworld Shrine

  • Fixed impassable map decoration spawning too close to each other (tables/graves/sinks etc), was only taking into account map tiles, not other generated entities.
  • Doors now delete other doors 2 tiles away if other doorway is perpendicular 90 degrees
  • Map messages "you hear the sound of pickaxes..." etc are now stored to your savefile, so will replay when reloading a saved game instead of being lost

General Gameplay:

  • Troll's Blood lowered Magic requirement from 60 -> 40
  • Bloodletting spell now interacts with the Punisher's Executioner Hood energize effect
  • Cream pies now equip instead of consumed when activated from hotbar
  • Revert Form spell now removes Polymorph in addition to Shapeshift, but only 1 per cast (Removes Shapeshift first)
  • Magic now only can be reflected up to 2 times before fizzling out
  • Some followers can now be commanded to interact with shrines, and teleportation portals/ladders (Not all monster types have the ability to interact with objects in the world)
  • Thrown cursed gems always explode on impact
  • Gyrobots can now pickup/deploy other Tinkering bots and noisemakers, not just bombs
  • Cure Ailment now removes only negative status effects, instead of most status effects. Effects now cured: Sleep, Poison, Confuse, Drunk, Blind, Greasy, Messy, Paralyzed, Bleeding, Slow, Pacify, Webbed, Fear, Burning
  • Improved Cure Ailment effect messages, now will mention if you or allies actually had an effect cleansed, or otherwise say it had no effect.
  • Reworked monster ally alerting/infighting to help keep large groups alive during accidental friendly fire:
    • Monster vs monster (If both "friendly") now won't alert "friendly" monster allies. Helps large groups stay alive such as Zap Brigade and Algernon packs.
    • If a player hits a follower, then non-follower monsters will not be alerted to the player if everyone involved is "friendly"
    • If a player hits a non-follower, the followers will not be alerted to the player if everyone involved is "friendly"

Class Hotbars:

Classes now have user-configurable hotbar layouts. Eventually we'd like to expose this in the UI, but if you want to play with it now, instructions below.

  • Default hotbars are located in /data/class_hotbars.json
  • To write your own hotbars, place items on hotbar and use command /saveclasshotbar or /deleteclasshotbar to remove. These are saved to /config/class_hotbars.json
  • These configurations are unique between keyboard and gamepad, and if you wish to restore defaults, delete the class_hotbars.json file in config folder.


  • Fixed a level change crash in multiplayer, where entities appeared as 2d sprites and other strange visual bugs if the game didn't crash
  • Fixed client players getting stuck inside doorways, now should become passable until player leaves the door if stuck.
  • Added door interact if you do get stuck inside so you always should be able to target it to open
  • Fixed succubus Lilith model positioning incorrectly when moving to next level
  • Fixed spawning many browser tabs when clicking on locked DLC classes in character creation, added popup to confirm navigation to DLC store pages
  • Fixed minimap pings not being sent over the network
  • Fixed audio being set to 100% when launching game and clicking away from the window to lose app focus
  • Fixed levels of other players in multiplayer not visually resetting on game restart
  • Fixed hiscores table reporting 100's of goblins killed for multiplayer clients and no other monsters
  • Fixed legendary Swords skill inflicting bleed to skeletons
  • Fixed being able to interact with objects while cutscenes were playing in multiplayer
  • Fixed Shaman shapeshift forms incorrectly being able to use certain items (e.g scrolls)
  • Fixed potion of sickness poison effect not awarding XP on kill
  • Fixed blood dropping from enemies in singleplayer as a non-vampire (occurred when previously playing with a vampire in multiplayer)
  • Fixed known potion base/secondary ingredients not being saved to file
  • Fixed "Sponge" achievement being awarded on a follower being hit
  • Fixed clients being able to get unlimited potions of water from sinks


  • A popup on game start will notify if you are ineligible for achievements due to game settings or modded maps
  • Accepting first-time tutorial prompt sends you to Trial #1 instead of the hub
  • Added High DPI support for Mac/OSX