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V3.3.5 Changelog:

Welcome! While our last Steam update was in June, we've been hacking away on this build since we finished hotfixing Legends & Pariahs back in March. It's been a long process, but I'm happy to have some cool new features we can finally show-off!


  • The "Hall of Trials" has been added to the main menu. An interactive tutorial designed to teach and challenge new and old players alike! Also includes a hot new music track by our composer Chris Kukla to really immerse yourself in the learning experience!
  • 16 new Achievements come to Steam - 12 of which are for the Hall of Trials progression, as well as 4 achievements for the Legends and Pariahs DLC classes for parity with the current Myths and Outcasts achievements - That's 216 total!

  • Added 2 audio sliders to the settings -> audio tab for Environment (water/lava) and Ambience (trap whooshing) sounds in addition to the existing general game sound slider.

  • Environment and Ambience audio now dynamically reduces volume if there are too many loud sound sources playing.

  • In-game Barony logo has been updated, we've come a long way since Blessed Addition!

Steam Version:

  • Improved Steam Lobby reliability and connectivity - fixing common issues such as "unable to connect".
  • Lobby window now shows all member's monster race and platform-specific Display Names correctly

  • Added support for crossplay between Barony on the Epic Games Store! To enable crossplay on Steam, go to Barony Settings -> misc tab -> and look for Networking, "enable crossplay" checkbox.

crossplay menu

After clicking Accept or OK on the settings menu, you will be taken to a first-time setup prompt to allow Barony to create a new Crossplay ID that is connected to your Steam ID.

In the prompt you can find our (Turning Wheel LLC) privacy policy and information to understand what data you provide for crossplay and how it is used.

Essentially - Crossplay for Barony uses Epic Online Services (and this is unrelated to an Epic Account!). It provides an simple way to link different platforms such as Steam and Epic Account users through a common "Crossplay ID" system. No "account" creation or password entry is required.

Upon consent to provide Barony with your Steam ID, crossplay for Barony is then automatically setup and will enable you to connect to crossplay lobbies through Epic Online Services. On subsequent logins to Barony, crossplay will automatically start up.

crossplay linked

Disabling Crossplay

If you no longer wish to use crossplay features, deselect the crossplay option from the Settings menu. Your Steam ID link will remain within Barony should you choose to re-enable later on.

To completely remove your Steam ID link, we will provide a form to submit to us to remove the link manually (no automated way currently).

How to connect via crossplay:

As a Steam user that has enabled crossplay, when it comes to hosting or joining a lobby on the Character Creation window you will see:

  • Host Multiplayer (Steamworks)
  • Host Multiplayer (Crossplay)
  • Join Multiplayer


Hosting via Steamworks is the same as Barony has always been - it only uses Steamworks for P2P and lobby communication. This lobby type will only allow Steam users to connect.

Host via Crossplay uses Epic Online Services, and this lobby type allows both Steam and Epic Games users to connect to the lobby.

Join Multiplayer will provide a list of Steam hosted lobbies, and if crossplay is enabled, will show crossplay-enabled lobbies with the tag [CROSSPLAY]

enter image description here

Now, onto some more changes to find in Barony V3.3.5!


  • Gameflags (Hunger/Cheats etc) are now saved inside savegames, and will load them in when choosing a savegame to load. When finishing a gameplay session, your gameflags will revert back to what they were when you started.
  • Several map generation rooms have been tweaked across the dungeons. Summary:
    • Increased border across some rooms to make areas more accessible, including the mines secret entrance.
    • The Citadel has received some new open areas to feel less closed-in.
    • Chests have been moved out of reach behind a gate, the gate must be opened to access the chest.
    • Plus a couple of new rooms to existing areas.

See below for list of maps updated, many changes are subtle so are best viewed in the editor to see how they changed: Map list


  • Fixed crash trying to read a scoresfile below V3.0.0.
  • Fixed some LVL 3 Human NPCs in some maps not scaling in level as the dungeon depth increases. Now they should be around LVL 12-15 if found near the Labyrinth/Ruins etc.
  • Fixed a bug that was making followers failing to avoid spike traps for walkable tiles. (They can still clip the corners of the spike trap if moving nearby - that's a trickier problem to solve)
  • Fixed wrong message playing when a follower's amulet is cursed and are instructed to equip a new one.
  • Fixed crash using the "Invite Friends" button on the Steam lobby window.
  • Fixed source of crashing that could happen if a player leaves mid-game, creating an empty player slot.


  • Summon traps no longer can spawn miniboss monsters for consistency. Will now immediately trigger every time power is applied, or use the timer if power remains on.
  • New script tag "@reattachto=", works the same as "@attachto=" but can repeatedly find a new group of monsters in a map rectangle. So this will work with summon traps, or monsters that walk into an area.

We hope to see you in a crossplay lobby soon!