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Gameplay/Balance changes:

Base Class Rebalance:

  • Most of the base Barony classes have been modified to improve utility or to focus on their specialization.
  • Check out this dedicated post for more information: Base Class Rebalance (V3.8.5)

New Item: Monocle!


  • +1 PER
  • 200% gem appraisal speed
  • Enables any player monster to trade with shopkeepers if visibly worn (will not work while shapeshifted or invisible).
  • Has no effect under "Wanted!" status effect
  • The Merchant class now starts with this item.

Shopkeeper Hostility changes:

Reworked how players are considered hostile to Shopkeepers:

Old: If a Shopkeeper targets a player for any reason, all player humans/automatons are considered hostile.

New: Individual players are marked as hostile ("Wanted!" status effect) when attacking or killing a shopkeeper, not when the Shopkeeper targets players.

enter image description here

  • New "Wanted!" status effect lists your infractions:

    • Assassination
    • Inciting Violence
    • Accessory to Violence
  • Shopkeepers by default still only trade with Human and Automaton players, but will trade with other monsters holding a Merchant's monocle, provided they are not "Wanted!"

  • Hostility is tracked per player, per race. (e.g polymorphing into an automaton will not carry over your "Wanted!" status as a human)
  • If an infraction happens inside a shop area, then any other players inside the shop tiles are now "Wanted!" for accessory.
  • Alternatively if the above check fails, if the Shopkeeper has line of sight to any other players they will also be "Wanted!" for accessory.

Map Changes:

  • Underworld area has been reworked with 180+ map changes and additions, including new shrines to traverse the area without levitation.

Underworld Shrine

  • Fixed impassable map decoration spawning too close to each other (tables/graves/sinks etc), was only taking into account map tiles, not other generated entities.
  • Doors now delete other doors 2 tiles away if other doorway is perpendicular 90 degrees
  • Map messages "you hear the sound of pickaxes..." etc are now stored to your savefile, so will replay when reloading a saved game instead of being lost

General Gameplay:

  • Troll's Blood lowered Magic requirement from 60 -> 40
  • Bloodletting spell now interacts with the Punisher's Executioner Hood energize effect
  • Cream pies now equip instead of consumed when activated from hotbar
  • Revert Form spell now removes Polymorph in addition to Shapeshift, but only 1 per cast (Removes Shapeshift first)
  • Magic now only can be reflected up to 2 times before fizzling out
  • Some followers can now be commanded to interact with shrines, and teleportation portals/ladders (Not all monster types have the ability to interact with objects in the world)
  • Thrown cursed gems always explode on impact
  • Gyrobots can now pickup/deploy other Tinkering bots and noisemakers, not just bombs
  • Cure Ailment now removes only negative status effects, instead of most status effects. Effects now cured: Sleep, Poison, Confuse, Drunk, Blind, Greasy, Messy, Paralyzed, Bleeding, Slow, Pacify, Webbed, Fear, Burning
  • Improved Cure Ailment effect messages, now will mention if you or allies actually had an effect cleansed, or otherwise say it had no effect.
  • Reworked monster ally alerting/infighting to help keep large groups alive during accidental friendly fire:
    • Monster vs monster (If both "friendly") now won't alert "friendly" monster allies. Helps large groups stay alive such as Zap Brigade and Algernon packs.
    • If a player hits a follower, then non-follower monsters will not be alerted to the player if everyone involved is "friendly"
    • If a player hits a non-follower, the followers will not be alerted to the player if everyone involved is "friendly"

Class Hotbars:

Classes now have user-configurable hotbar layouts. Eventually we'd like to expose this in the UI, but if you want to play with it now, instructions below.

  • Default hotbars are located in /data/class_hotbars.json
  • To write your own hotbars, place items on hotbar and use command /saveclasshotbar or /deleteclasshotbar to remove. These are saved to /config/class_hotbars.json
  • These configurations are unique between keyboard and gamepad, and if you wish to restore defaults, delete the class_hotbars.json file in config folder.


  • Fixed a level change crash in multiplayer, where entities appeared as 2d sprites and other strange visual bugs if the game didn't crash
  • Fixed client players getting stuck inside doorways, now should become passable until player leaves the door if stuck.
  • Added door interact if you do get stuck inside so you always should be able to target it to open
  • Fixed succubus Lilith model positioning incorrectly when moving to next level
  • Fixed spawning many browser tabs when clicking on locked DLC classes in character creation, added popup to confirm navigation to DLC store pages
  • Fixed minimap pings not being sent over the network
  • Fixed audio being set to 100% when launching game and clicking away from the window to lose app focus
  • Fixed levels of other players in multiplayer not visually resetting on game restart
  • Fixed hiscores table reporting 100's of goblins killed for multiplayer clients and no other monsters
  • Fixed legendary Swords skill inflicting bleed to skeletons
  • Fixed being able to interact with objects while cutscenes were playing in multiplayer
  • Fixed Shaman shapeshift forms incorrectly being able to use certain items (e.g scrolls)
  • Fixed potion of sickness poison effect not awarding XP on kill
  • Fixed blood dropping from enemies in singleplayer as a non-vampire (occurred when previously playing with a vampire in multiplayer)
  • Fixed known potion base/secondary ingredients not being saved to file
  • Fixed "Sponge" achievement being awarded on a follower being hit
  • Fixed clients being able to get unlimited potions of water from sinks


  • A popup on game start will notify if you are ineligible for achievements due to game settings or modded maps
  • Accepting first-time tutorial prompt sends you to Trial #1 instead of the hub
  • Added High DPI support for Mac/OSX

Base Class Rebalance:


  • Classes that start with torches now are "worn" appearance so to stack with other torches from campfires/walls
  • Some hotbar layouts have been adjusted to add/group up items, or make them visible on modern hotbar layout


Changed stats:

  • STR 1 -> 2
  • DEX -1 -> 0
  • CON 1
  • INT -1 -> -2
  • PER 0
  • CHR 0 -> -1

Changed proficiencies:

  • Maces 50 -> 25

Starting loadout changes:

  • Removed Iron Mace


Changed stats:

  • STR 1
  • DEX 1
  • CON -3 -> 0
  • INT -1 -> -2
  • PER -1
  • CHR 1

Changed proficiencies:

  • Swords 50 -> 25
  • Blocking 50 -> 25

Starting loadout changes:

  • Removed Iron Sword and Shortbow


Changed proficiencies:

  • Appraisal 0 -> 10
  • Blocking 0 -> 10


Changed stats: HP 20 -> 25

Starting loadout changes:

  • Bronze Sword: servicable -> excellent
  • Leather Breastpiece: decrepit -> worn
  • Shortbow: servicable -> excellent
  • Potion of Sickness: quantity 3 -> 5
  • Added Quiver of Springshot 15x
  • Added Noisemaker 1x
  • Lockpicks: servicable -> excellent


Changed stats:

  • STR 0
  • DEX 0 -> 1
  • CON 1
  • INT -1
  • PER 0 -> 1
  • CHR -1

Starting loadout changes:

  • Crossbow: replaced with excellent Slingshot
  • Lantern: worn -> excellent
  • Added Scroll of Magic Mapping 6x
  • Added Ring of Warning
  • Added Spellbook of Detect Food
  • Added Potion of Cure Ailment 1x
  • Removed torches


Changed stats:

  • STR 0
  • DEX -1
  • CON 1
  • INT 0
  • PER 2 -> 1
  • CHR -1 -> 0

Changed proficiencies:

  • Blocking 0 -> 10

Starting loadout changes:

  • Added decrepit Spellbook of Troll's Blood
  • Removed torches


Changed stats:

  • STR 0
  • DEX -1
  • CON 0
  • INT -1 -> 0
  • PER 1
  • CHR 1

Changed proficiencies: Tinkering 0 -> 10

Starting loadout changes:

  • Starting gold: 500 -> 1000
  • Bronze Axe: servicable -> excellent
  • Glasses: replaced with new Monocle


Changed stats:

  • STR 0
  • DEX -1
  • CON 0
  • INT 1 -> 3
  • PER 1
  • CHR -1

Changed proficiencies:

  • Appraisal 0 -> 10

Starting loadout changes:

  • Potion of Restore Magic: quantity 1 -> 2


Changed stats:

  • HP 30 -> 25
  • STR -1
  • DEX 0 -> 1
  • CON 0 -> -1
  • INT 1
  • PER -1 -> 1
  • CHR 1 -> -1

Changed proficiencies:

  • Swords 25 -> 0

Starting loadout changes:

  • Crossbow: servicable -> worn
  • Added Quiver of Fire 15x
  • Added Potion of Restore Magic 1x
  • Added Magicstaff of Fire
  • Added Scroll of Charging 2x


Changed proficiencies:

  • Ranged 0 -> 20
  • Stealth 0 -> 10

Starting loadout changes:

  • Jester Hat: Starts blessed +0 -> +1
  • Sling: servicable -> excellent
  • Fish: replaced with 8x Cream Pie
  • Added Potion of Polymorph 1x


Changed stats:

  • STR -1 -> 0
  • DEX 2
  • CON -1
  • INT -2
  • PER 0 -> 1
  • CHR 0


Changed stats:

  • STR 1
  • DEX 0
  • CON 2
  • INT 0
  • PER 1 -> -1
  • CHR 1 -> 0

Changed proficiencies:

  • Polearm 10 -> 0
  • Ranged 10 -> 0
  • Swimming 0 -> 10

Starting loadout changes: Added Torch 1x

Gameplay/Balance changes:

Below are all the gameplay/balance changes available in the V3.8.4+ Quality of Death beta that may be obscure, invisible or not immediately obvious to those trying out the beta.

Level Design:

  • Shops now have unique layouts and signage based on the type of shop spawned, helping Monster Races make the decision about whether or not they want to enter.
  • Shop rooms specific to the "room gen" map type (Citadel Only right now) added for each shop type.
  • Submaps can now contain scripting that properly refers to map tiles.
  • Portcullises now behave as doors at map generation; Ensuring there is a tile to move into when it would otherwise lead into a wall.
  • Certain secret levels have received some revisions, including Minetown, Temple, Haunted Castle, the Minotaur Maze and Bram's Castle.
  • 200+ Mines room variants added and revised.
  • 200+ Swamps room variants added and revised.
  • Several types of bridge, platform and scaffold meshes added to levels, replacing existing wood bridges across all tilesets and serving in new levels.

Weapon Skills:

  • Damage used to be scaled 75-100% from 0-100 weapon skill. Now it is:
    • 40-60% @ 0 skill
    • 50-70% @ 20 skill
    • 60-80% @ 40 skill
    • 70-90% @ 60 skill
    • 80-100% @ 80 skill
    • Up to 90-100% @ 100 skill.
  • Polearms have less % variance, so start at 50-60%. Gugnir's damage is always 60%. Then these numbers go up 10% each 20 points
  • Unarmed has more variance, starts at 30-60%, up to 80-100% max.
  • Enemies and players havent had any skills touched to compensate, so net result is a little less damage output. (1-2 points earlygame)

Armor Changes:

  • Armor can now degrade when taking 0 damage (previously only >0 damage).
  • Armor degradation is now more 'accurate', now picks a equipped item slot rather than any armor slot that may be empty. So armor will degrade more often when being hit.
  • AC used to block 100% of damage incoming, now it is:
    • AC blocks 75% of damage incoming when NOT defending, otherwise 100% when blocking (same as before).
    • Blessings on armor (or curses for demons) increases the hard 75% cap by 2.5% per blessing, up to 100% resist
    • Example, you have 10 AC and take 8 damage without blocking. You take 2 damage as 8 x 0.75 = ~6 DMG absorbed by AC.
    • Example, you have 10 AC and take 15 damage without blocking. You take 5 damage as before.
    • Example, you have 50 AC and take 50 damage without blocking. You take 12 damage as 50 x 0.75 = ~38 DMG absorbed by AC.

Player Movement Speed/Weight Changes:

  • Weight used to be 1:1 in terms of movement speed penalty
  • Now weight is a similar speed below < 300 weight (most starting classes). So holding 0 items vs holding all starting items makes little difference at the start of the game.
  • Movement speed per DEX decreased (starting speeds of characters is kept roughly the same)
  • Maximum speed capped at 12.5 units instead of 18.0. (Starting speed is normally about 8 units)

Class / Races:

  • Goatman now starts with 3 booze, no longer becomes greasy from consuming tins. Added chance to spawn potions when using empty bottles on fountains (Previously potions would only spawn when normally drinking from a fountain).
  • Brewer now starts with 3 (from 2) booze, also added 2 firestorm potions


  • New hotkey default keyboard "R" or gamepad "Dpad right" will cycle between popup tooltips if 2+ items/interactables are on the ground in the same location. Use this to grab items beyond gates. HUD indicator to show when this is available still to be added.

Frame Rate:

  • Brief technical note - while the game allows you to set the FPS to 300, we recommend setting FPS Limit in Video settings to the refresh rate of your monitor, and disable V-Sync if you have wild FPS fluctuations.
  • Most HUD animations are tied to the FPS rate and if your PC is not meeting the FPS target then animations could be running 0.2x as fast (e.g vsync'd 60 FPS / expected 300 FPS = 0.2)


  • Spiders now can cast "Spray Web" as a special attack. Spiders won't retreat while hunting webbed targets.
  • Monsters retreating into doorframes with ranged weapons/spells now should stay still and continue attacking instead of bouncing and moving in/out of sight
  • Minotaurs now break chests on touch
  • Dummybots are a slightly more visible to enemies


  • You can now hold [Block] while issuing certain commands to target ALL followers at once. The HUD will show your hotkey pressed on screen with text (ALL) for valid commands. To use:
  • Wait/Follow: Hold [Block] before selecting the wheel option.
  • Move to/Interact/Attack: Hold [Block] when confirming the world location, not while the wheel is up.


  • You can now salvage entire stacks of items in inventory by [holding Shift + click] on keyboard, [holding LT + press A] on gamepad.


  • Alembics now have a 'recipes' tab. When you combine a 'base' and 'secondary' potion for the first time, a recipe will be revealed.
  • Recipes are clickable if you have the required ingredients on hand, and will auto-load the potions into the slots, ready to brew.
  • If you have not combined 2 potions before, the result preview will say "new combination", otherwise the result will be previewed.
  • Potions can be decanted by using 2 of the same type, combining different colors/blessings into the same stack. The first potion (left) will usually be the output color/status.
  • When mixing different potion blessings (decanting or otherwise), generally curses are more powerful and harder to nullify. Examples are:
    • (+2 with +0) = +0
    • (+1 with -1) = +0
    • (-1 with +0) = -1
    • (-1 with -2) = -2.


  • Rebalanced many item gold values, in general reduced cost of starting equipment/consumables and increased value of later game items to increase appraisal relevancy.
  • Shops may spawn with 0-4 "hidden" item slots which contain consumables (fixed randomised lists of potions/scrolls/food unique to each shop type) so many characters are able to spend gold at a shop encounter.
  • Hidden shop consumable slots are unlocked at 0, 10, 20, 30 trading skill, and are undroppable by the shopkeeper.
  • Shopkeepers changed to only drop 50% of inventory items on death, like chests.
  • Buying back items in shop now does not increase Trading skill.
  • Now trading skill increases only when buying items, 10-100% chance to increase Trading skill as the item you buy goes from 1-100 gold value. (1 gold items still capped at 40 trading).


  • Items have a blue exclamation icon when first picked up or identified. Mousing/hovering over the item in inventory or hotbar will clear this icon.
  • Potions now have an identified icon to display what type of potion it is.

Item Mechanic changes:

  • Crystal shard
    • Value 30 -> 15G.
    • Now provides less visibility to enemies than other light sources (sneaking/holding no off-hand is still a better option to evade sight).
    • Removed flame particle effect.
  • Beartraps

    • Now need to be held and wound up before placing, much like tinkered traps.
    • Now placed slightly in front of the player.
  • Scrolls of identify/remove curse/repair/charging now aren't consumed on use (+0 or higher blessing), but consume when choosing the item to apply the effect on.

  • Gems/Rocks now have at 50% chance on impact to shatter when thrown.

Other Item Gold/Weight/Item Level changes

Value refers to nominal buy/sell gold value when Trading skill is 100. If trading skill is 0, then items are 3x expensive to buy and shops offer 1/3x value when sold.

Weight is the displayed tooltip weight of an item.

Item Level is the minimum dungeon level required to spawn an item randomly on the ground. Chests and other sources may generate higher Item Level quality loot, and can be +6 dungeon levels ahead of current floor.

  • Wooden shield value 40 -> 18G
  • Quarterstaff value 40 -> 12G
  • Bronze axe + sword value 60 -> 20G. item level 5 -> 4.
  • Bronze mace value 60 -> 20G. item level 5 -> 0 (Previously quarterstaff was only weapon available floor 0)
  • Bronze shield value 60 -> 30G. item level 0 -> 4.
  • Sling value 40 -> 12G
  • Iron spear/sword/mace/axe value 80 -> 45G. item level 10 -> 8.
  • Iron shield value 80 -> 45G
  • Shortbow value 80 -> 40G. item level 10 -> 8.
  • Steel halberd/sword/mace/axe value 100 -> 120G. item level 15 -> 12.
  • Steel shield value 100 -> 150G
  • Steel shield of resistance value 200 -> 750G. item level 10 -> 12.
  • Crossbow value 100 -> 150. item level 15 -> 12.
  • Gloves value 40 -> 15G
  • Gloves of dexterity value 40 -> 150G. item level 0 -> 1.
  • Bracers value 60 -> 30G
  • Bracers constitution value 60 -> 300G
  • Gauntlets value 80 -> 100G
  • Gauntlets of strength value 80 -> 500G
  • Cloak value 50 -> 15G. weight 20 -> 10.
  • Cloak of magic reflection value 100 -> 350G. weight 20 -> 10.
  • Cloak invisibility value 200 -> 800G. weight 20 -> 10.
  • Cloak protection value 100 -> 90G
  • Leather boots value 60 -> 15G
  • Leather boots of speed value 100 -> 250G
  • Iron boots value 80 -> 35G
  • Iron boots of waterwalking value 150 -> 500G
  • Steel boots of levitation value 200 -> 900
  • Leather breastpiece value 100 -> 35G. weight 150 -> 100
  • Iron breastpiece value 150 -> 70G. weight 300 -> 250
  • Phrygian hat value 50 -> 10G. weight 10 -> 5
  • Hood value 50 -> 10G
  • Wizard hat value 80 -> 75G
  • Leather helm value 60 -> 15G
  • Iron helm value 80 -> 30G

  • Amulet of sex change value 150 -> 400G
  • Amulet of lifesaving value 200 -> 5000G
  • Amulet of magic reflection value 150 -> 350G
  • Amulet of strangulation value 100 -> 75G
  • Amulet of poison resistance value 100 -> 75G
  • Bottle of water value 20 -> 7G
  • Bottle of booze value 20 -> 12G
  • Bottle of fruit juice value 20 -> 18G
  • Potion of sickness value 50 -> 6G. item level 3 -> 1
  • Potion of confusion value 50 -> 35G
  • Potion of extra healing value 100 -> 180G
  • Potion of healing value 70 -> 45G
  • Potion of cure ailment value 100 -> 40G. item level 15 -> 4
  • Potion of blindness value 60 -> 25G
  • Potion of restore magic value 80 -> 42G. item level 10 -> 8
  • Potion of invisibility value 100 -> 70G
  • Potion of levitation value 100 -> 120G
  • Potion of acid value 60 -> 30G
  • Potion of paralysis value 80 -> 75G

All potions weight lowered 10 -> 5

  • Scroll of mail value 40 -> 10G. weight 10 -> 1
  • Scroll of identify value 60 -> 35G. weight 10 -> 2
  • Scroll of light value 60 -> 15G. weight 10 -> 2
  • Blank scroll value 40 -> 50G. weight 10 -> 2
  • Scroll of enchant weapon value 80 -> 300G. weight 10 -> 2
  • Scroll of enchant armor value 80 -> 300G. weight 10 -> 2
  • Scroll of remove curse value 100 -> 90G. weight 10 -> 2. item level 15 -> 4
  • Scroll of fire value 50 -> 35G. weight 10 -> 2
  • Scroll of food value 70 -> 100G. weight 10 -> 2
  • Scroll of magic mapping weight 10 -> 2
  • Scroll of repair value 60 -> 180G. weight 10 -> 2
  • Scroll of destroy armor value 60 -> 50G. weight 10 -> 2
  • Scroll teleportation value 70 -> 30G. weight 10 -> 2
  • Scroll summon weight 10 -> 2
  • Scroll of charging value 70 -> 100G. weight 10 -> 2
  • Scroll of conjure arrow value 70 -> 90G. weight 10 -> 2

  • Magicstaff of light value 200 -> 70G
  • Magicstaff of digging value 250 -> 300G
  • Magicstaff of locking value 100 -> 60G
  • Magicstaff of opening value 150 -> 250G
  • Magicstaff of slow value 200 -> 70G
  • Magicstaff of cold value 300 -> 200G
  • Magicstaff of lightning value 350 -> 300G
  • Magicstaff of sleep value 250 -> 125G
  • Magicstaff of stoneblood value 500 -> 600G
  • Magicstaff of bleed value 500 -> 750G
  • Magicstaff of charm value 500 -> 750G
  • Magicstaff of poison value 300 -> 150G

  • Ring of adornment value 200 -> 75G
  • Ring of slow digestion value 400 -> 600G
  • Ring of protection value 250 -> 100G
  • Ring of warning value 200 -> 450G
  • Ring of strength value 250 -> 150G
  • Ring of levitation value 500 -> 2000G
  • Ring of regeneration value 600 -> 2500G
  • Ring of teleportation value 250 -> 125G

  • Spellbook of forcebolt value 250 -> 150G. item level 0 -> 1
  • Spellbook of cold value 350 -> 200G
  • Spellbook of light value 250 -> 75G
  • Spellbook of remove curse value 400 -> 777G
  • Spellbook of identify value 350 -> 411G
  • Spellbook of magic mapping value 250 -> 411G
  • Spellbook of sleep value 350 -> 175G
  • Spellbook of confuse value 300 -> 150G
  • Spellbook of slow value 300 -> 100G. item level 4 -> 2
  • Spellbook of opening value 300 -> 350G
  • Spellbook of locking value 250 -> 75G
  • Spellbook of levitation value 450 -> 550G
  • Spellbook of teleportation value 350 -> 150G
  • Spellbook of healing value 350 -> 300G
  • Spellbook of cure ailment value 450 -> 250G
  • Spellbook of bleed value 600 -> 750G
  • Spellbook of reflect magic value 600 -> 1000G
  • Spellbook of spray acid value 600 -> 200G
  • Spellbook of spider form value 600 -> 800G, remains unobtainable
  • Spellbook of troll form value 600 -> 1000G, remains unobtainable
  • Spellbook of imp form value 600 -> 1500G, remains unobtainable
  • Spellbook of poison value 600 -> 200G
  • Spellbook of speed value 600 -> 300G
  • Spellbook of detect food value 600 -> 150G
  • Spellbook of polymorph value 600 -> 750G

Below spellbooks may now spawn in chests/as ground items and were previously normally unobtainable:

  • Spellbook of revert form value 600 -> 300G. item level unobtainable -> 15
  • Spellbook of spray web value 600 -> 750G. item level unobtainable -> 9
  • Spellbook of fear value 600 -> 1000G. item level unobtainable -> 25
  • Spellbook of amplify magic value 600 -> 3500G. item level unobtainable -> 30
  • Spellbook of arcane mark value 600 -> 2500G. item level unobtainable -> 25
  • Spellbook of teleport other value 600 -> 750G. item level unobtainable -> 28
  • Spellbook of troll's blood value 600 -> 200G. item level unobtainable -> 4
  • Spellbook of salvage value 600 -> 200G. item level unobtainable -> 28
  • Spellbook of flutter value 600 -> 350G. item level unobtainable -> 8
  • Spellbook of dash value 600 -> 200G. item level unobtainable -> 8

  • Ruby value 3500 -> 2750G
  • Jacinth value 3250 -> 1750G
  • Citrine value 1500 -> 750G
  • Emerald value 2500 -> 2000G
  • Sapphire value 3000 -> 2500G
  • Aquamarine value 1500 -> 1250G
  • Diamond value 4000 -> 3000G

  • Pickaxe value 100 -> 120G. item level 0 -> 4
  • Tin opener value 40 -> 20G
  • Mirror value 20 -> 15G
  • Lockpick value 50 -> 5G
  • Skeleton key value 100 -> 300G
  • Torch value 30 -> 5G
  • Lantern value 60 -> 35G
  • Blindfold value 10 -> 5G
  • Blindfold of focus value 200 -> 75G. item level 15 -> 12
  • Towel value 30 -> 10G
  • Glasses value 40 -> 70G
  • Tinned food weight 30 -> 20
  • Backpack value 250 -> 450G
  • Alembic value 100 -> 300G
  • Tinkering kit value 100 -> 250G
  • Detonated charge weight 5 -> 2
  • Gyrobot value 50 -> 150G
  • Spellbot value 50 -> 75G
  • Noisemaker value 50 -> 25G
  • Machinist apron value 20 -> 50G
  • Enchanted feather value 100 -> 400G

  • Readable book value 50 -> 75G. weight 20 -> 5.

  • Dyrnwyn value 500 -> 3000G
  • Sharur value 500 -> 3000G
  • Gungnir value 500 -> 3000G
  • Parashu value 500 -> 3000G
  • Khryselakatos value 500 -> 3000G
  • Dragon's mail value 500 -> 5000G
  • Sphinx's veil value 500 -> 3000G
  • Oracle's treads value 500 -> 3000G
  • Wraith's gown value 500 -> 3000G
  • Djinni's brace value 500 -> 3000G

  • Crystal breastpiece value 120 -> 1200G
  • Crystal helmet value 120 -> 800G
  • Crystal boots value 120 -> 800G
  • Crystal shield value 120 -> 1000G
  • Crystal gloves value 120 -> 800G
  • Crystal sword/mace/axe/spear value 150 -> 700G

  • Vampire doublet value 120 -> 1600G
  • Wizard/healer doublet value 20 -> 100G
  • Tunic value 20 -> 15G
  • Fez value 20 -> 90G
  • Suede boots value 10 -> 90G
  • Suede gloves value 10 -> 90G
  • Silver cloak value 80 -> 100G
  • Silver doublet value 100 -> 150G
  • Mirror shield value 120 -> 750G
  • Brass knuckles value 120 -> 35G. weight 40 -> 30
  • Iron knuckles value 120 -> 100G
  • Spiked gauntlets value 120 -> 250G. weight 40 -> 60
  • Black cloak value 50 -> 20G. weight 20 -> 10

  • Bronze tomahawk value 20 -> 12G
  • Iron dagger value 40 -> 25G
  • Steel chakram value 60 -> 80G
  • Crystal shuriken value 80 -> 120G
  • Quiver of silver ammo value 10 -> 12G
  • Quiver of swift ammo value 10 -> 5G
  • Quiver of fire ammo value 10 -> 8G
  • Quiver of springshot ammo value 10 -> 8G
  • Quiver of crystal ammo value 10 -> 15G
  • Quiver of hunting ammo value 10 -> 15G
  • Longbow value 80 -> 120G
  • Compound bow value 80 -> 800G

V3.3.5 Changelog:

Welcome! While our last Steam update was in June, we've been hacking away on this build since we finished hotfixing Legends & Pariahs back in March. It's been a long process, but I'm happy to have some cool new features we can finally show-off!


  • The "Hall of Trials" has been added to the main menu. An interactive tutorial designed to teach and challenge new and old players alike! Also includes a hot new music track by our composer Chris Kukla to really immerse yourself in the learning experience!
  • 16 new Achievements come to Steam - 12 of which are for the Hall of Trials progression, as well as 4 achievements for the Legends and Pariahs DLC classes for parity with the current Myths and Outcasts achievements - That's 216 total!

  • Added 2 audio sliders to the settings -> audio tab for Environment (water/lava) and Ambience (trap whooshing) sounds in addition to the existing general game sound slider.

  • Environment and Ambience audio now dynamically reduces volume if there are too many loud sound sources playing.

  • In-game Barony logo has been updated, we've come a long way since Blessed Addition!

Steam Version:

  • Improved Steam Lobby reliability and connectivity - fixing common issues such as "unable to connect".
  • Lobby window now shows all member's monster race and platform-specific Display Names correctly

  • Added support for crossplay between Barony on the Epic Games Store! To enable crossplay on Steam, go to Barony Settings -> misc tab -> and look for Networking, "enable crossplay" checkbox.

crossplay menu

After clicking Accept or OK on the settings menu, you will be taken to a first-time setup prompt to allow Barony to create a new Crossplay ID that is connected to your Steam ID.

In the prompt you can find our (Turning Wheel LLC) privacy policy and information to understand what data you provide for crossplay and how it is used.

Essentially - Crossplay for Barony uses Epic Online Services (and this is unrelated to an Epic Account!). It provides an simple way to link different platforms such as Steam and Epic Account users through a common "Crossplay ID" system. No "account" creation or password entry is required.

Upon consent to provide Barony with your Steam ID, crossplay for Barony is then automatically setup and will enable you to connect to crossplay lobbies through Epic Online Services. On subsequent logins to Barony, crossplay will automatically start up.

crossplay linked

Disabling Crossplay

If you no longer wish to use crossplay features, deselect the crossplay option from the Settings menu. Your Steam ID link will remain within Barony should you choose to re-enable later on.

To completely remove your Steam ID link, we will provide a form to submit to us to remove the link manually (no automated way currently).

How to connect via crossplay:

As a Steam user that has enabled crossplay, when it comes to hosting or joining a lobby on the Character Creation window you will see:

  • Host Multiplayer (Steamworks)
  • Host Multiplayer (Crossplay)
  • Join Multiplayer


Hosting via Steamworks is the same as Barony has always been - it only uses Steamworks for P2P and lobby communication. This lobby type will only allow Steam users to connect.

Host via Crossplay uses Epic Online Services, and this lobby type allows both Steam and Epic Games users to connect to the lobby.

Join Multiplayer will provide a list of Steam hosted lobbies, and if crossplay is enabled, will show crossplay-enabled lobbies with the tag [CROSSPLAY]

enter image description here

Now, onto some more changes to find in Barony V3.3.5!


  • Gameflags (Hunger/Cheats etc) are now saved inside savegames, and will load them in when choosing a savegame to load. When finishing a gameplay session, your gameflags will revert back to what they were when you started.
  • Several map generation rooms have been tweaked across the dungeons. Summary:
    • Increased border across some rooms to make areas more accessible, including the mines secret entrance.
    • The Citadel has received some new open areas to feel less closed-in.
    • Chests have been moved out of reach behind a gate, the gate must be opened to access the chest.
    • Plus a couple of new rooms to existing areas.

See below for list of maps updated, many changes are subtle so are best viewed in the editor to see how they changed: Map list


  • Fixed crash trying to read a scoresfile below V3.0.0.
  • Fixed some LVL 3 Human NPCs in some maps not scaling in level as the dungeon depth increases. Now they should be around LVL 12-15 if found near the Labyrinth/Ruins etc.
  • Fixed a bug that was making followers failing to avoid spike traps for walkable tiles. (They can still clip the corners of the spike trap if moving nearby - that's a trickier problem to solve)
  • Fixed wrong message playing when a follower's amulet is cursed and are instructed to equip a new one.
  • Fixed crash using the "Invite Friends" button on the Steam lobby window.
  • Fixed source of crashing that could happen if a player leaves mid-game, creating an empty player slot.


  • Summon traps no longer can spawn miniboss monsters for consistency. Will now immediately trigger every time power is applied, or use the timer if power remains on.
  • New script tag "@reattachto=", works the same as "@attachto=" but can repeatedly find a new group of monsters in a map rectangle. So this will work with summon traps, or monsters that walk into an area.

We hope to see you in a crossplay lobby soon!

As we come up to the night before the release, let’s finish up with the Insectoid Hunter for our final Legends and Pariahs DLC preview!

Equipped to track and bring down foes from afar, the Hunter uses special arrows and a magic boomerang to ensure they never have to fight toe-to-toe.

enter image description here

The Insectoid Race:

Much like the Automaton, the Insectoid has a unique mana and hunger system represented by a green ‘Energy’ bar. This bar is a representation of your current hunger level and decreases slowly over time as hunger normally does.

Casting spells will directly expend Energy and can be replenished by eating food. The maximum Energy an Insectoid can obtain is 50 total.

As an Insectoid, you will be able to digest any food item without becoming sick from spoiled food! You will also get a benefit from consuming sweet liquids such as fruit juice, restore magic potions and booze. Be mindful of over-indulging however, eating while full can cause you to projectile acid!

Insectoids have access to the following starting spells:

Dash: enter image description here

  • Casting this ability launches the Insectoid at high speed in the direction of their current movement. Can be cast while stationary to backpedal.

  • Running into doors while dashing will instantly break them.

Flutter: enter image description here

  • The Insectoids wings allow a short duration of flight at the expense of energy.

Spray Acid enter image description here

  • A short range 3-way projectile that poisons and damages enemy equipment.

Finally, Insectoids are immune to the effects of poison and are natural allies of other Insectoids, scorpions and scarabs.

The Hunter Class

The Hunter class comes prepared with some new quiver ammunition as well as new ranged weaponry! Quivers are worn in the off-hand slot, and create stacks of up to 50 arrows that are consumed when firing bows and crossbows.

As the new update brings projectile gravity to ranged weapons, the Hunter is best equipped to take on foes at a safe distance!

New Item - Longbow: enter image description here

  • +10 ATK, slow draw speed.
  • The longest range out of all bows and crossbows

New Item - Boomerang: enter image description here

  • +0 ATK, upgradeable via repair. A magical thrown item that automatically returns to your inventory and hotbar slot.

New Item - Quiver of Silver Ammo: enter image description here

  • +2 ATK to ranged shots, bonus damage against demons and undead.
  • Handy against demons, skeletons and ghouls!

New Item - Quiver of Hunting Ammo: enter image description here

  • +4 ATK, bonus damage against most non-humanoid creatures. Inflicts temporary slow and poison.
  • Perfect for hunting big game creatures such as trolls or spiders!

New Item - Quiver of Swift Ammo: enter image description here

  • -2 ATK, reduces time taken to ready a shot for bow weapons.
  • When all else fails, sometimes a good defense is a lot of arrows in a short amount of time.

You will also start with:

  • Amulet of Poison Resistance
  • Bracers
  • Leather Boots
  • Scrolls of Conjure Arrow
  • Meat, Fish
  • Blindfold of Telepathy
  • Potions of Speed

Hunters start with 50 proficiency in Ranged and Swimming, 25 in Stealth, 20 in Appraisal and 10 proficiency in Spellcasting and Tinkering.

Perception and Dexterity are two favored stats on levelling up, while Strength and Constitution are unlikely to increase.

Wrapping Up

Let us know what you think! Feel free to share your thoughts in the Steam discussion thread or join our discord!

What’s Next?

The Legends & Pariahs DLC is releasing with our new V3.3.0 update on December the 27th 2019!

Grab your friends and join the party! Or play the Mechanist and build your own buddies.

Until next time!


It’s time for another Legends and Pariahs DLC preview - the Automaton Mechanist!

Mechanists come equipped to take advantage of the new Tinkering skill to craft traps, tools and allies! Weak in close combat, the Mechanist prepares for the situation ahead and lets the tools get to work and clear the path for them!

enter image description here

The Automaton Race:

Just as Automatons in the world have shown goodwill to the Humans, Automatons are the only non-human race allied with Humans and Shopkeepers! You will able to freely trade and recruit humans without the need for underhanded tactics playing as this race.

Cursed items also will be freely unequippable, though still provide negative effects and reduced effectiveness - Turns out you can't curse these machines. On that note, Incubi and Succubi are neutral creatures and share no interest in the cold heartless body of the Automaton.

To augment the Tinkering skill, these machines also get an innate +20 Tinkering Skill bonus when repairing items using Tinkering, meaning any item can be repaired at 80 Tinkering.

Automatons also start with a new Salvage spell to gather materials and sustain themselves:

Salvage Spell:

enter image description here

  • Transmutes all nearby items on the ground into Metal and Magic scrap without the need for a Tinkering Kit.

enter image description here

Automatons are also immune to the harmful effects of burning - heat is in fact the best way to keep a well-oiled Automaton running! See how with the new boiler hunger mechanic:

Automaton Boilers:

Automaton have a shared mana and hunger system through their boiler

enter image description here

Mana is represented as “heat” (HT). Casting spells consumes HT.

  • All food for the Automaton is consumed and added to the boiler’s burning time.

    • Gemstones, scrolls and readable books are consumable and are the primary sources of boiler fuel
    • Magical gems and scrolls generate an instant HT increase as well as fuelling your boiler.
    • Consuming organic food has no effect.
    • Automatons can consume scrap in a pinch to keep their boilers running, though can not reach maximum boiler capacity using scrap alone.
  • When the boiler is burning, the Automaton internal temperature raises (HT)

  • The boiler can reach a superheated state (blue) by continuing to add fuel. Superheated boilers rapidly increase HT but burn faster. enter image description here

  • If the boiler is empty, HT is gradually lost over time. HT loss is percentage based and will deplete fully in the same time, no matter your HT capacity.

enter image description here

  • At 0 HT, the Automatons gears start seizing and start taking damage over time.
  • The Automaton starts to slow down with <25% HT.

Environmental notes:

  • Swimming in lava rapidly raises your HT, but will deal damage to your exterior. Burning effects while out of lava will not damage you.

  • Swimming in water rapidly cools your boiler and HT. Drinking a bottle of water cools your boiler, but the steam generates an instant HT increase.

A Flair for the Dramatic

Also when you die as an Automaton you explode in cinematic fashion!

enter image description here

The Mechanist Class:

enter image description here

Starting Equipment:

The Mechanist class comes equipped with everything needed to get started in the new Tinkering skill! This includes a Tinkering Kit, some scrap, and a few select Tinkering creations to help the beginning of your expedition.

If you need a refresher on all the new Tinkering skill features and items, check out the previous blog post here!

New Item - Leather Apron:

enter image description here

  • +1 AC, +2 PER, immunity to the Burning status effect.

Other starting items:

  • Tinkering Kit
  • 4x Lockpicks
  • 2x Bear traps
  • Crossbow
  • 16x Metal Scrap
  • 8x Magic Scrap
  • 1x Dummybot
  • 1x Sentrybot
  • Scroll of fire (Automaton) / Basic food (Human)

Mechanists start with 40 Tinkering Skill and 10 proficiency in Trading, Alchemy and Ranged.

Perception and Dexterity are two favored stats on levelling up, while Strength and Consitution are unlikely to increase.

Wrapping Up

Let us know what you think! Feel free to share your thoughts in the Steam discussion thread or join our discord!

What’s Next?

My next upcoming DLC blog update: I'll share some details about the Insectoid Hunter, and what we’ve done to overhaul ranged combat!

Until next time!


As part of the upcoming DLC update, we’ve reworked the existing Locks skill into something a little more exciting!

Tinkering lets you salvage, repair and craft new kinds of tools to help fight through the dungeons. Like Alchemy, this skill will be available to everyone once the DLC drops!


All of the existing Locks interactions are included in the Tinkering skill, with a couple modifications:

  • Lockpicking doors

    • 10% chance to raise Tinkering on unlock, up to a Basic (20) skill level. 2x higher chance to unlock than previous patch.
  • Lockpicking chests

    • 10% chance to raise Tinkering on unlock, up to a Skilled (40) skill level. 2x higher chance to unlock than previous patch.
    • Unlocking chests with a lockpick now also includes a chance to find some Metal and Magic Scrap materials - useful stuff, more on that later!
  • Lockpicking Automatons

    • 33% chance to raise Tinkering on unlock.
    • Successfully “disarming” an Automaton is now guaranteed past Expert (60) Tinkering. Higher base chance than previous patch for lower skill levels.
    • Disarming Automatons will drop lucrative amounts of Metal and Magic Scrap based on your skill level.

Mastering Tinkering:

First things first, you’ll need a new item to get deeper into the skill tree - the Tinkering Kit! This kit is your all-in-one tool to branch out into creative endeavors.

Tinkering Kit

Like the Alchemy Alembic, you’ll be able to get a Tinkering Kit from hardware shops and chests in special loot tables. Alternatively, starting as the Automaton Mechanist from the Legends and Pariahs DLC will gear you up with a Tinkering Kit right from the beginning!

enter image description here

Using the Tinkering Kit:

There’s two interactions with the Tinkering Kit - “Wield” or “Tinker”. We’ll start with the “Tinker” option and open up the Tinkering menu.

Tinkering Menu

You’ll see three headings, Craft, Salvage and Repair (plus an asterisk to view every option in a single scrollable menu), as well as a count of Metal and Magic Scrap currently held in your inventory.

  • Crafting lets you create new items and tools.
  • Repair lets you upgrade the status of Tinkering creations, armor and weapons.
  • Salvage breaks down items into scrap materials.

Crafting and Repair both require scrap, so let's show how to get your hands on some Metal and Magic Scrap!

Salvaging and Scrap:

Most items in Barony can be Salvaged into Scrap and you’ll be able to see the amount you get in the Tinkering menu.

Salvage GUI

  • Metal Scrap: Metal Scrap

    • Mostly obtained from weapons, tools and armor
    • Trace amounts can be found in gemstones, magicstaffs, pieces of clothing or jewelry
  • Magic Scrap: enter image description here

    • Mostly obtained from magicstaffs, gemstones and spellbooks
    • Items that are either blessed/cursed or have a special effect (Glasses, Iron Boots of Waterwalking, Ring of Conflict) also provide Magic Scrap

Scrap quantities are generally 1-4 per item. Some items like food or scrolls do not produce any scrap and won’t show up in the menu.

Some example scrap values:

  • Bronze Sword

1 Metal 0 Magic

  • Gloves of Dexterity

1 Metal 2 Magic

  • Scroll of Light

0 Metal 2 Magic

  • Steel Axe

3 Metal 0 Magic

  • Spellbook of Cold

0 Metal 6 Magic

As your Tinkering skill level increases you will have a chance to recover extra scrap from each item!

Quick Salvaging:

While looking at all the scrap values in the menu helps familiarise yourself with each item’s worth, eventually you will intuit what scrap you’ll get from the equipment on the dungeon floors.

So to Salvage items quicker, the Tinkering Kit can be wielded in your shield slot! Pressing the Defend key with the kit allows you to instantly Salvage an item or torch in the world when picked up. Defending and pressing the Attack key will also bring up the Tinkering menu for quick access in the world.

Now with Salvaging out of the way, let’s see what you can Craft with your Tinkering Kit!


Crafting is done through the Tinkering menu where you’ll see the Metal and Magic Scrap costs for each item. Simply click with the required materials and you’ll get the item in your inventory. Items you can craft include bombs, tools and new robotic allies!

Craft GUI

Crafted items have a general Tinkering skill requirement before they are able to be created. Your effective skill level takes into account your Tinkering skill + Perception stat.

When crafting, your Tinkering skill has a chance to increase depending on the amount of materials used, so building higher quality items raises your skill more reliably!


There are four new bomb items exclusive to Tinkering:

  • Flame Trap

8 Metal 12 Magic

  • Freeze Trap

8 Metal 12 Magic

  • Sleep Trap

4 Metal 8 Magic

  • Teleport Trap

4 Metal 8 Magic

Each bomb is equippable in your main hand and require throwing to arm them. When thrown they stick to most surfaces - floors, walls, even doors and chests! They make a great ambush or emergency escape tool on the run.

By default, bombs are set to trigger on enemies only. By interacting with a lockpick in hand, you can change the sensitivity of the bombs to trigger on any creature if desired.

Applying a bomb to a door or chest will trigger the effect on any creature in an AOE if the object is disturbed or attacked. Bombs on the wall may also be shot with ranged weaponry to trigger in an AOE.

When bombs explode they leave behind a Broken Detonator Charge - collect these to Salvage later to recover materials for the next bomb!

  • Flame Trap: Flame Charge
    • Deals 5 + (Perception / 2) base damage
    • Spawns a Fireball spell that hits each monster. Deals additional magic damage and burns
    • Requires 40 Tinkering to craft


  • Freeze Trap: Freeze Charge
    • Deals 5 + (Perception / 4) base damage
    • Spawns a Cold spell that hits each monster. Deals additional magic damage and slows
    • Requires 40 Tinkering to craft

enter image description here

  • Sleep Trap: Sleep Charge
    • Deals no damage
    • Spawns a Sleep spell that hits each monster and inflicts Sleep status
    • Requires 20 Tinkering to craft

enter image description here

  • Teleport Trap: Teleport Charge
    • Deals no damage
    • Teleports the target to a random location
    • Can be interacted with a lockpick to set a “receiver” location
    • If there is one or more “receiver” traps on the level, Teleports targets to a random receiver location.
    • Requires 20 Tinkering to craft

enter image description here


A tinkerer’s arsenal isn’t complete without the whirring of spinning cogs! This category of craftable items add utility and firepower for your allies. All of these mechanisms are deployed like bombs - equipped into your main hand and thrown a short distance to activate.

  • Noisemaker:

8 Metal 1 Magic


  • Small box with a crank that attracts idle monsters in an AOE towards it
  • Lasts a short duration before requiring to be rewound
  • Chance on expiring to break
  • Requires 0 Tinkering to craft

enter image description here

The remaining mechanisms are all allied units with HP that can be commanded using the Follower Wheel. There are 4 quality types for each:

  • Simple
  • Complex
  • Intricate
  • Artisan

Each unit starts as Simple when crafted at the first skill level requirement.

Every 20 Tinkering + Perception above the base requirement increases the quality for all subsequent crafts. For example, a Simple Dummybot is created at 20 skill level, while an Intricate Dummybot at 60.

Upgraded quality levels for mechanisms improves their HP and abilities.

When a unit’s HP is depleted, it becomes “Broken” and unusable. Broken units can then be Salvaged to recover some of your materials for more tinkering!

  • Dummybot:

8 Metal 4 Magic Dummybot - Requires 20 Tinkering to first craft

An immobile dummy useful for drawing enemy fire and tanking blows. All monsters will attack Dummybots on sight. Can be commanded using the Follower Wheel to return to its box to preserve its life.

Each quality tier increases the Dummybot’s HP and defence.


  • Gyrobot:

16 Metal 12 Magic


  • Requires 20 Tinkering to first craft

A small multipurpose gyrocopter - a Tinkerer’s best friend! Gyrobots are unique allies that scout areas ahead of their leader. Immune to most dangers, they are ignored by all monsters and projectiles.

enter image description here

Each quality tier improves the movement speed of the Gyrobot.

Gyrobots have several functions using the Follower Wheel. Each function requires an appropriate quality tier and skill level to use.

Commands available at 20 Tinkering:

  • Return & Land - Flies to your location and returns to an item.
  • Move to… - Moves to location specified and waits..
  • Detect Metal, Detect Magic (toggleable) - Shows nearby items on the minimap that contain Metal or Magic Scrap for Salvaging. Only one Detect option can be active on the Gyrobot at one time.

Commands available at 40 Tinkering:

  • Interact - Pick up and hold a single item or toggle switches
  • Drop item - Drops held item
  • Detect Exits, Detect Traps - Shows nearby exits or traps on the minimap.
  • Light - Gyrobot emits a faint, bright or no light.

Commands available at 60 Tinkering:

  • Detect enemies - Shows nearby enemies on the minimap.

Commands available at 80 Tinkering:

  • Detect valuables - Shows nearby items on the minimap that have a large gold value.

Gyrobot 2

  • Sentrybot:

16 Metal 8 Magic

enter image description here

  • Requires 40 Tinkering to first craft

A portable turret that fires ranged projectiles, the Sentrybot is a staple of a Tinkerer’s offense. Sentrybots have low defence and can be taken out quickly in melee combat. A well placed Dummybot or freeze trap can help enemies at bay while the Sentrybot lays down fire.

Sentrybots are immobile but can be remotely commanded to rotate and attack targets.

Each quality tier improves HP, damage and turn rate.

Commands available at 40 Tinkering:

  • Hold Aim / Free Look - The Sentrybot will randomly look around when initially placed, Hold Aim locks rotation to a narrow cone.

Commands available at 60 Tinkering:

  • Look at... - Commands the Sentrybot to look at a given direction and Hold Aim.

Commands available at 80 Tinkering:

  • Attack - Commands the Sentrybot to attack the selected target instead of acquiring a target automatically.

Gyrobot 1

  • Spellbot:

8 Metal 16 Magic

enter image description here

  • Requires 60 Tinkering to first craft

Similar to the Sentrybot, the Spellbot is a portable turret that fires magic projectiles. The Spellbot starts with the Forcebolt spell that upgrades to Magic Missile at Artisan quality. Each upgrade tier improves HP, turn rate and rate of fire.

Commands available at 60 Tinkering:

  • Hold Aim / Free Look - The Spellbot will randomly look around when initially placed, Hold Aim locks rotation to a narrow cone.

Commands available at 80 Tinkering:

  • Look at... - Commands the Spellbot to look at a given direction and Hold Aim.

Commands available at 100 Tinkering:

  • Attack - Commands the Spellbot to attack the selected target instead of acquiring a target automatically.

enter image description here

Craftable Tools:

Some existing items are also now craftable using Tinkering:

0 Tinkering Requirement:

  • Lockpicks
  • Glasses
  • Empty Bottles

20 Tinkering Requirement:

  • Beartraps
  • Lanterns

60 Tinkering Requirement:

  • Alembics

80 Tinkering Requirement:

  • Backpacks

Repairing / Upgrading:

The final Tinkering menu to cover is the Repair menu. As we’ve just been through crafting, let’s explain repairing and upgrading your Mechanisms.

Mechanism Repairs and Upgrading:

The Dummybot, Gyrobot, Sentrybot and Spellbot each has HP and can take damage in the world. When you recall your Mechanisms, they will retain their health at intervals of 5%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%.

enter image description here

For example, a 75% Dummybot with 100 max HP will spawn with around 75 HP when re-deployed.

For a fraction of the crafting cost, you can repair the Mechanism to the next percentage interval - keeping them in good working order and stacking neatly in your inventory.

A reminder - when you first build your Mechanism it will have one of the 4 quality states - Simple, Complex, Intricate or Artisan. Every 20 Tinkering increases the abilities of your creations, but existing Mechanisms stay at their current quality.

A Mechanism can be upgraded at 100% health to keep them up-to-date for a cheaper cost than crafting new ones as your skill level raises.

Equipment Repair:

Another feature of the Tinkering Kit is the ability to repair weapons and armor starting at 60 Tinkering!

Repair GUI

60 Tinkering:

  • Able to repair weapons and armor with a Metal Scrap value of 1. Items with a Magic Scrap value are non-repairable at this skill level.

80 Tinkering:

  • Able to repair weapons and armor with a Metal Scrap value of 2. Items with a Magic Scrap value are non-repairable at this skill level.

100 Tinkering:

  • Able to repair weapons and armor with any Metal or Magic Scrap value.

The repair cost of each item is 8x per scrap value. Blessed or Cursed items increase the Magic Scrap repair cost, but may only be repaired at 100 Tinkering.

Wrapping Up

Let us know what you think! Feel free to share your thoughts in the Steam discussion thread or join our discord!

What’s Next?

My next upcoming DLC blog update: I'll show off the Automaton Mechanist's loadout and mechanics!

Until next time!


Up next for our Legends and Pariahs DLC preview - the Incubus Punisher! A primarily melee class aided by unique demonic spells, Punishers are adept at singling out their opponents from a fight and forcing them to come to terms with their inner demons.

enter image description here

The Incubus Race:

Mechanically, Incubi operate much the same as Succubi from our previous Myths and Outcasts DLC - blessing or curse effects on worn equipment have the opposite effect on these demonic beings! Cursed items can freely be unequipped while blessed items are bound to your person.

The reversing effect also extends to our new upcoming spellbook mechanics - a cursed held spellbook becomes a boon for the Incubus, increasing the power of spells cast through it. Blessed spellbooks will also improve your spells, though will degrade faster while bound to you.

The Incubus race also starts with the Teleport spell already learnt, as well as the new “Arcane Mark” spell - an ability that allows the user to control their teleportation magic!

Arcane Mark Spell: enter image description here

  • Fires a projectile that places a “mark” upon an ally or enemy. Marked targets are revealed on the minimap for a fixed duration.
  • Casting Teleport while Arcane Mark is active will teleport the caster behind the marked target!
  • Teleportation spells mana costs are halved while Arcane Mark is active.
  • Only one Arcane Mark can be active at one time, marking a new target will lose the previous one.

The Punisher Class:

Punisher Human

Starting Equipment:

The Punisher class comes with 2 new pieces of equipment - the new Whip weapon as well as an ominous Executioner’s Hood! You will also have in your inventory:

  • Ring of conflict
  • An axe
  • Some basic food
  • Teleport Other spell
  • Inner Demon spell

Stats and Proficiencies:

Punishers have basic level proficiencies in Axe, Ranged, Spellcasting and Magic.

Strength and Dexterity are two favored stats on levelling up, while Constitution is unlikely to increase.

New Items!

Executioner’s hood: Executioner hood item The signature hood of the Punisher. Slaying weakened foes with the Executioner’s hood provides increased mana regeneration for a short duration!

The Whip: Whip item The Whip is a low ATK, utility melee weapon with some unique mechanics - foremost it is the only “melee” weapon to have an increased striking distance! (Despite the ongoing rumours, polearms have the same attack range as every other axe/sword/mace!).

Outgoing damage takes into account half of the wielders STR and DEX primary stats, and uses the Ranged proficiency for damage variance.

Whip Apart from increased attack range, whipping an enemy under an immobile status effect (e.g sleep/paralyze) disarms their equipped weapon or shield each strike!

If they otherwise are confused, drunk or disoriented, there is a % chance to disarm.

Striking with the whip requires a longer windup than standard melee weapons, a mastery of the timing and use of status effects allows the Punisher to safely disarm foes and overpower them.

Gnome Disarm

New Starting Spells!

Teleport Other: Teleport Other

  • Fires a projectile that teleports the target in front of the caster.
  • Enemies teleported a certain distance away from their location will be inflicted with “Disoriented” status effect. The further away the monster is teleported, the greater the duration.
  • Disoriented enemies lose track of their current target and do not retaliate to attacks for a brief duration.
  • If cast while Arcane Mark is active, no projectile is fired and the marked target is teleported to the caster.

Teleport Other

Inner Demon: Inner Demon

  • Fires a projectile that exorcises an allied “Inner Demon” Incubus out of the target.
  • Inner Demon taunts the target and reflects a % of melee damage received back to the target.
  • Consumes a % of max HP from the caster on cast to imbue the Inner Demon with your current HP and AC.
  • Most creatures can only be exorcised once, and purely demonic creatures are unable to be exorcised.

Inner Demon

Wrapping Up

Let us know what you think! Feel free to share your thoughts in the Steam discussion thread or join our discord!

As an aside - in the next update Succubi will also be getting an adjustment to their starting loadout to be further unique from the Incubus.

What’s Next?

My next upcoming DLC blog update: I'll share some details about the Automaton Mechanist, and what we’ve done to overhaul the Locks skill!

Until next time!


Welcome to the first class preview for the Legends and Pariahs DLC! The Shaman is the signature class of the Goblin race, a tribal spellcaster that uses Shapeshifting magic to transform into various creatures to take advantage of unique abilities and allegiances.

Goblin Shaman

The Goblin Race:

As mentioned previously in the Revisiting Magic and Spellbooks blog post, Goblins are an adaptable race that cannot permanently learn spells via the traditional spellbook reading mechanic - instead they must rely on casting by holding spellbooks! The Shaman class aims to provide a level of unique permanence to the Goblin’s magic repertoire and lean into flexible character growth.

A summary of the Goblin’s gameplay mechanics:

  • Increasing a melee weapon skill also increases every other melee weapon skill at the same time.
  • Base chance to increase weapon skills is lower than other races.
  • All worn equipment on the Goblin has a reduced chance to degrade - armor, weapons, magicstaffs and spellbooks included.
  • Unable to learn spells from spellbooks, even through the effects of Polymorph.
  • Friendly with other Goblins in the world.

With these mechanics in mind, let’s explore what the Shaman class has to offer!

The Shaman Class:

Starting Equipment: The Shaman starts their loadout with some new visible items - a Magicstaff of Poison and a cool looking Skull Mask! You will also have in your inventory:

  • An Enchanted Feather
  • A basic melee weapon
  • Some throwable rocks

A very minimalistic inventory loadout, but if you check your hotbar or learned spells when you start the game, you’ll also see 5 new Shapeshift spells which form the core gameplay of the Shaman class:

  • Rat Form
  • Spider Form
  • Troll Form
  • Imp Form
  • Revert Form

The Enchanted Feather:

Enchanted Feather

A new item! This feather is an enchanted scribing tool used to imbue magic into blank scrolls and also repair spellbooks. With the Enchanted Feather, the Goblin Shaman is able to keep their dwindling spellbook supply in good shape while also making use of cheap blank scrolls!

Also, the Enchanted Feather is not exclusive to the Shaman! You will also find they can populate the world in magical chests, shops, and perhaps carried by some of the smaller magic-loving creatures in the dungeon...



There are 4 creature types the Shaman can change into at will - Rat, Spider, Troll and Imp. To transform, you equip the corresponding spell and expend mana to shapeshift for a fixed duration. Your 5th starting spell, “Revert Form”, transforms you back into your natural humanoid form if you wish to end the effect prematurely.

However, not every form is selectable from the start of the game - at player level 1 only the "Rat Form" spell is selectable, while the Spider, Troll and Imp forms unlock at levels 3, 6 and 12 respectively. Once you reach the level requirement, the spell icon will no longer be greyed out and you’ll be able to equip and cast the spell.

enter image description here

Each Shapeshift form has their own unique hotbar that persists after changing forms. You can rearrange your potions, spells and food between forms to keep them in a consistent location!

Some key mechanics for Shapeshifting:

  • When you transform, you take on the creature characteristics and you will be able to recruit similar other monsters as you go through the dungeon.
  • You gain 2-3 additional temporary magic spells which are unique to each creature. The first tier spell is available when you reach the level requirement for the creature (LVL 1, 3, 6, 12 as mentioned earlier) and the second/third tier spells are available some levels after the unlock threshold.
  • You can cast any spells that you have learned while Shapeshifted.
  • You are unable to use weapons and armor as they no longer conform to your body. Items remain “equipped” and in your inventory but do not provide +ATK or +AC.
  • Rings, Amulets, and equipment with magical effects (levitation, invisibility etc) still provide their effects while Shapeshifted.
  • The Skull Mask starting item provides bonus mana regeneration only while shapeshifted.
  • Each Shapeshift form gives % based primary stat bonuses (STR/DEX etc) to augment your survivability.
  • The Shaman class has a random stat growth, preferring no stat over the other. Levelling up while Shapeshifted changes which player stats are likely to increase. By changing forms, you can manipulate your stat growth to address weaknesses or to be better prepared for the challenges ahead!
  • Swimming in water does not wash away the Shapeshift like the Polymorph effect.

Now let's have a look at the abilities and features of the different Shapeshift forms!

Shapeshift Forms

Rat Form (LVL 1):

Rat Form

A frail friend to other rats with the ability to sniff out food and make quick getaways out of a bad situation.


  • Detect Food (LVL 1)
    • Highlights food on the ground in your minimap for the current level.
  • Speed (LVL 3)
    • Grants the “Speed” effect on the caster and in an AoE for your allies.

Stat modifiers while Shapeshifted:

  • +3 + 25% base DEX
  • +3 + 25% base INT
  • +3 + 25% base PER

Favored stats on levelling up:

  • DEX (Primary)
  • INT (Secondary)

Spider Form (LVL 3):

Spider Form

Hardier than rats, spiders have a mix of damage and support magic to help keep danger safely away from them. Friendly with other insects and bugs.


  • Spray Web (LVL 3)
    • Sprays 3 short-range web projectiles from the caster that slow the target. Ensnared targets also receive a knockback effect on hit from melee attacks. Hitting a target with 2 or more projectiles compounds the slow/knockback effects.
  • Poison (LVL 6)
    • Low level damage spell that also inflicts the poison effect for a short duration.

Stat modifiers while Shapeshifted:

  • +3 + 25% base STR
  • +3 + 25% base CON
  • +5 + 33% base PER

Favored stats on levelling up:

  • PER (Primary)
  • CON (Secondary)

Troll Form (LVL 6):

Troll Form

Slow yet powerful, a troll can draw danger away from his allies and deliver crushing blows to those who are too scared to move.


  • Power Strike (LVL 6)
    • The caster charges an incredibly strong melee punch that deals 2x melee damage and inflicts knockback on the target. Walls and boulders are able to be destroyed on impact if hit with this attack. Caster is immobile during the charge time.
  • Troll’s Blood (LVL 12)
    • Grants a HP regeneration effect on the caster and in an AoE for your allies for a duration.
  • Fear (LVL 15)
    • The caster unleashes a primordial roar that inflicts a new status effect, “Fear”, on enemies in an AoE around the caster. While under the “Fear” effect, monsters are unable to attack and change their current monster target to the caster once the effect ends.

Stat modifiers while Shapeshifted:

  • +5 + 33% base STR
  • -5 - 33% base DEX
  • +5 + 33% base CON

Favored stats on levelling up:

  • STR (Primary)
  • CON (Secondary)

Imp Form (LVL 12):

Imp Form

Imps have innate levitation and can equip spellbooks and magicstaffs while Shapeshifted. They prefer the company of other imps and use unique powerful magic to take down their foes.


  • Lightning (LVL 12)
    • Moderate damage spell.
  • Confuse (LVL 12)
    • Inflicts “Confuse” status on an enemy.
  • Amplify Magic (LVL 15)
    • Sustained spell with high mana upkeep cost. While under the effects of “Amplify Magic”, any Fire/Cold/Lightning/Magic Missile spells cast will be concentrated into a short range falling projectile that erupts into a tower of magic on impact with the ground or enemy.

Stat modifiers while Shapeshifted:

  • +5 + 33% base INT
  • +3 + 25% base PER

Favored stats on levelling up:

  • INT (Primary)
  • DEX (Secondary)

Wrapping Up

Let us know what you think! Feel free to share your thoughts in the Steam discussion thread or join our discord!

We hope you enjoyed this preview piece on the Goblin Shaman - it has been challenging to create, but has ended up being great fun to seamlessly meld between all the different forms. (At times during playthroughs I’ve definitely forgotten I was a Goblin!) We're constantly trying new ideas in this DLC and can't wait to show you the rest!

What’s Next?

My next upcoming DLC blog update: I'll share some details about the Incubus Punisher.

If you haven't seen already, Mistersneak has also put up some original monster concept art for our previous Barony: Blessed Addition expansion - check it out!

Until next time!


A quick story on how the Conjurer and Accursed DLC classes came together.

Since we originally started planning our original Myths and Outcasts DLC, our feature set changed a lot during development. I'm looking back through old documents now, and we never had new classes on the table when we first talked about it - just races!

The Conjurer Class

Some people might recall a Magicstaff of Conjure Familiar in the game files when Barony: Blessed Addition was released in 2018, accessible only via the /spawnitem console command. When I added new magicstaffs for Bloodletting and Stoneblood, I also kept Conjure Familiar in as a placeholder to maybe one day mimic the effects of a Scroll of Summon. I loved the idea of summoning monsters - but the follower AI at the time couldn't be controlled at all by the player and we already had the Scroll of Summon in the game to suit this purpose. By the end, its only use was to be a stick for debugging particle effects as I worked on Blessed Addition, kept in as a personal TODO item.

In June 2018 - three months after Blessed Addition came out, I added the follower menu so you could order your companions around and actually have a chance at keeping them alive in the dungeon. Finally - a use for my staff! When talk started around DLC I wanted to get at least 1 new Conjurer class in alongside the playable races since we were back to adding new content into the game.

As we talked about new class archetypes, the idea of linking classes with races came up and the Skeleton Conjurer seemed like a perfect fit! You needed mana to resurrect yourself, and if you had excess mana you could summon allies and store your magic power inside them!

The Accursed Class

For the Accursed Vampire, the complement of a class/race pairing gave us a lot more freedom to create a new "hard" game option which might not have happened otherwise.

I wanted a new hard mode character and initially designed the Vampire to be just that - a stealth killing machine where every run was a race against time. However it didn't feel right to commit a quarter of our DLC to be extremely difficult, so the Accursed class was created with the "cursed" hunger mechanics and the OG Vampire race was toned down to be easier.

Splitting the DLC into classes and races turned out to be a much better solution since we could provide a new hard mode AND also let you play as a more casual Vampire! It felt great to come to an accessible design that let everyone use the cool Vampire blood mechanics and HP-as-mana system.

Remember the Stick

So there you have it - we only planned for races at the start and maybe an extra class. Eventually 1 class became 2, 2 then became 4 and suddenly we knew what Myths and Outcasts was going to look like!

Sadly in the end, the Magicstaff of Conjure Familiar never got added to the level drop lists. The spell was balanced to be castable from the start of the game and your skeleton buddies would level up with you. A magicstaff version ended up being found too late or not have enough charges to make your allies strong enough to match your level progression. Nevertheless, you can still play around with it in-game currently using the console command "/spawnitem magicstaff of conjure familiar". Hold it, and remember the history behind the stick.

Conjure Familiar 2017 Initial Conjure Familiar particle effect testing. Would you believe this clip is from 2 years ago?