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Barony V3.3.0 Patch Notes

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Gameplay Changes

Ranged Combat:

Overhauled ranged combat with new weapons, new quiver ammunition and first person animations!

All ranged weapons now have a projectile drop-off instead of a perpetually flying straight projectile. Slingshots and crossbows are now short range weapons, while the existing short bow is medium range. A projectile that has almost reached the ground will hit weaker against most creatures - so make sure to hit enemies high in your shots!

New ranged weapons:

Longbow enter image description here

  • A long range, slow fire rate bow. Stronger than the Crossbow and best used at a safe distance from enemies.

Compound bow

enter image description here

  • A medium range, fast fire rate bow. Slightly weaker than the Longbow, the compound bow is a great all-purpose ranged weapon.


enter image description here

  • A short range, slow fire rate crossbow. The bolts are so powerful the wielder gets knocked back with each shot!


Quivers are worn in the off-hand slot and are consumed when firing a ranged weapon. The max stack size is 50, and quivers apply projectile modifiers to every ranged weapon except the slingshot.

Players are unable to block with a quiver in hand and will sneak instead if the Block/Sneak key is held.

New quiver ammunition:

Quiver of Silver Ammo enter image description here

  • +2 ATK, bonus damage against demons and undead.

Quiver of Hunting Ammo enter image description here

  • +4 ATK, bonus damage against most non-humanoid creatures. Inflicts temporary slow and poison. The inflicted nausea may also cause vomiting.

Quiver of Piercing Ammo enter image description here

  • +4 ATK, landing a hit always pierces armor during attacks.

Quiver of Springshot Ammo enter image description here

  • +4 ATK, inflicts knockback on hit.

Quiver of Swift Ammo enter image description here

  • -2 ATK, reduces time taken to ready a shot for bow weapons. Crossbows are unaffected.

Quiver of Fire Ammo enter image description here

  • +2 ATK, inflicts burning on hit and illuminates walls

Quiver of Crystal Ammo enter image description here

  • +6 ATK, no additional effects. The strongest base damage ammunition.

How to obtain quivers:

  • Start as the new Hunter class from the Legends & Pariahs DLC - You will start with an assortment of ammo as well as 2 scrolls of Conjure Arrow!
  • Monsters that spawn with a ranged weapon will now also spawn with a quiver instead of a shield. A small amount of ammo will drop on death.
  • Visit a new Hunting Supply store that also stocks all sorts of weapons.
  • Use a new Scroll of Conjure Arrow to get a random ammo type.
  • Try a lockpick inside Arrow Traps throughout the dungeon. Arrow traps can now shoot every type of ammunition - not just poison!

Updated Story:

By popular request, we’ve updated the game’s story text crawls to be more personalised for the monster races - defeat the bad guys and see what fate befalls Hamlet and for the rest of your kin!

Uncovering the hidden area beyond the Underworld will now also continue the story from Hamlet after a reworked boss battle!

You may also find a Mysterious Merchant within the walls of Hamlet who is willing to make an offer for the guilds stolen mystic orbs.

Lockpicking Skill Overhauled into the Tinkering Skill

Read the previous blog post here for details!

Magic and Spellbooks:

enter image description here

Spellbooks are now equippable and can be casted from! Equip the spellbook and press the Block/Sneak key (default key is Space) to cast.

The INT stat now also increases the damage output of spells and is viewable on the stat tooltip.

Casting from blessed spellbooks increases the spell damage/heal of most spells.

Spellbooks also now show the spell information on their tooltip if you have learnt the spell. Check the tooltip for damage/heal values on cast in-game.

Other notes:

  • There is a chance to degrade spellbooks on each cast.
  • “Using” a spellbook will attempt to wield the book if you have learnt the spell. Spellbooks are always wielded if equipped from the hotbar.
  • Holding ALT + right click/use will force a spellbook into your hand instead of reading it. (The same also applies to potions and other throwables).


Now unidentified scroll names always end up being the same identified scrolls in each unique game seed. E.g “XIXAXA XOXAXA XUXAXA” will be a Scroll of Light, “THARR” will always be a Scroll of Enchant Weapon in a certain game seed. "XIXAXA XOXAXA XUXAXA" could then be Scroll of Repair and “THARR” could be a Scroll of Food when you restart the game.

Identified scrolls now show the unidentified scroll name in the tooltip.

Repair scrolls no longer effect magicstaffs.

New scroll: Scroll of Charging enter image description here

  • Repairs magicstaffs and enchanted feathers.

New scroll: Scroll of Conjure Arrow enter image description here

  • Spawns a quiver of random arrows in front of the player.

New Item: Enchanted Feather enter image description here

  • Can be used to inscribe blank scrolls and repair spellbooks.
  • Starts with a random “charge” percentage if found in the world.
  • Each use consumes a certain percentage of charge depending on the scroll that is inscribed.

Scribing GUI: enter image description here

  • Inscribe” menu lets you pick a blank scroll, then the phrase to write. The blessing/curse on the blank scroll transfers to the created scroll.
  • Repair” menu lets you pick a damaged spellbook.
  • Dropped rarely by gnomes, kobolds and cockatrice. 100% drop from Xyggi scarab boss.

Thrown items:

Thrown items and gemstones now have a first-person animation.

Attack animations can now be “charged” like melee weapons to deal several more points of damage. Projectiles go further by charging attacks.

  • Thrown base damage has been reduced by a few ATK overall as a balance change.
  • Thrown items now are always found at specific qualities to stack more consistently. (the quality does not affect damage)

    • Tomahawks are DECREPIT
    • Iron daggers are WORN
    • Chakrams are SERVICABLE
    • Shurikens are EXCELLENT
  • Thrown items will stack up to a limit of 9 per stack Added +ATK detail on thrown item tooltips.

  • Creampies are now equippable and throwable. Tasty blindness!

Artifact Item Changes:

All artifact weapons/armor have been rescaled in damage/AC values. Now are found at different quality values depending on the dungeon floor they are found on.

Artifact weapons start with +4 ATK at Decrepit status, and gain +2 ATK up to Excellent status up to their previous +10 ATK maximum.

Artifact armor has been rescaled to maximum +4 AC from +6 AC for every piece (Breastpiece is still +6 AC maximum). Armor gains +1 AC per quality level.

These items can be repaired by 1 stage using Scrolls of Repair or through the new Tinkering Kit with Legendary Tinkering skill.

The Warning effect on Oracle’s Treads has been modified: enter image description here

  • The effect is now in a large AoE instead of map-wide, and only temporarily shows monsters that are moving.

Artifact weapon abilities have also been tweaked to have effects that scale with your weapon proficiency

  • For example having 50 in your axe skill will trigger Parashu’s special effect 12.5% of the time up to a maximum of 25% at 100 skill level. See below for changes:

Khryselakatos: enter image description here

  • 0-50% chance based on ranged skill to shoot a random quiver projectile each shot. If a quiver is equipped, this effect preserves the ammo. No longer poisons by default.
  • Damage reduced from +15 to a max of +10. Now is a medium ranged weapon.
  • The bow is now found equipped on a specific enemy in the Underworld instead of on the ground.

Dyrnwyn: enter image description here

  • 0-100% chance to smite demons and undead for additional damage based on sword skill. Additional damage scales from 1.5x to 2.0x.
  • 0-100% chance to ignite enemies.

Parashu: enter image description here

  • 0-25% chance for bonus damage based on axe skill (was previously 33%)
  • Bonus damage is 1.5x multiplier (was 2x)
  • The bonus damage effect now also inflicts slow for 2 seconds.

Sharur: enter image description here

  • Grants 0-2 seconds of bonus mana regeneration while held based on mace skill. (Base mana regen is 1 every 6 seconds, so can be reduced to 1 every 4 seconds)
  • Still talks.

Gungnir: enter image description here

  • Still always deals 100% damage no matter your skill
  • 0-25% chance to bypass 50% of enemy AC based on polearm skill.

Other Item Changes:

  • Ring of Warning effect has been changed to an AoE instead of a map-wide effect.
  • Ring of Conflict has been changed to an AoE, enemies have an easier time spotting a Ring of Conflict wielder.
  • Blindness/blindfolds now have a gradual fade in/out effect. High PER stat can also allow you to partially see through blindness effects.
  • Added magicstaff of poison as a low level magicstaff

Legends & Pariahs DLC Changes from previous blog posts:

  • The Tinkerer’s Gyrobot can now also deploy/interact with bombs
  • The Incubus Arcane Mark spell also nullifies monster damage resistances/weaknesses to 1.0x
  • The Punisher’s executioner hood provides increased MP regeneration upon inflicting bleeding status.
  • Disarming/sneak attacks strikes using the Punisher’s whip have an increased chance to inflict bleeding status.

Myths & Outcasts DLC Changes:

  • The Conjure Skeleton spell for the Conjurer class is now an inherently learned skill instead of a spellbook.
  • Succubus now also starts with the Polymorph spell learned.


  • Added 64 new Steam Achievements!
  • Taking the Underworld path in the Swamp no longer skips any of the other Swamp secret levels.
  • Base mana regeneration can now reach a maximum 1 MP every 2 seconds instead of 1 MP every 3 seconds.
  • Followers now more aggressively scout for enemies.
  • Increased player displayed name limit to 22 characters so names will not be cut off in nametags.
  • Improved equipment/limbs positioning on monsters/players for multiplayer clients.
  • Monster racial starting spells now never have a chance to fail - but can still take longer/more MP to cast if your spellcasting is low.
  • Named non-human monsters (E.g Shelob) can not be recruited via normal right-click methods unless you have 60 Leadership.
  • “Speed” status effect now provides +5 DEX instead of +10, but halves your weight in the player movement speed calculation. Movement speed increase will now always be noticeable at all levels.
  • The Cockatrice Lair level has been tweaked - The interior puzzle has been simplified, as well as a 1-way gate added to avoid getting lost.
  • Poison damage ticks now update the enemy health bars.
  • Allies no longer die on boss deaths.
  • “Loading Models” startup screen now only updates progress in chunks of 50 to speed up initial Barony startup times.
  • Players now have a ranged weapon animation on attacking like monsters.
  • “Rest” command for followers now auto-wakes allies when they recover all of their health. You can wake up allies by issuing a “move aside” command. Also you now can’t issue the command at full HP and waste the use for the floor.
  • Temporary HP/MP regeneration now flashes the borders of the HP/MP bars. (E.g From tin can consumption as well as the Executioner’s hood bonus)
  • Door frames are now moddable.


  • Fixed boulders rolling backwards and crushing players when being pushed in multiplayer. Boulder movement has been changed and boulders are not 100% locked to being in the middle of tiles.
  • Fixed Incubus/Succubus dropping a blessed item through greasy hands deleting the item.
  • Fixed “Aesthetic Only” DLC skin choice not letting you choose any class.
  • Fixed followers for multiplayer clients being shown as “nothing”.
  • Fixed monsters being able to move inside players sometimes (e.g enemy skeletons when you were a vampire)
  • Fixed using an empty bottle on a sink disabling polymorph.
  • Fixed +1 life server flag not always equipping the amulet of lifesaving for client players.
  • “Green balls” now don’t render at all for clients when game information was still being sent through from the server.
  • Fixed lockpicking exploit using the “lock” spell and then lockpicking the door/chest repeatedly. Now only gives you the skill increase once.
  • Fixed “confessor” achievement to work like the description indicates.
  • Fixed the mirror shield achievement not working.
  • Fixed “recycler” achievement not working consistently.
  • Fixed scroll of destroy armor not actually being consumed on use. Outstanding.
  • Fixed “wall builder” tile trapping players in the labyrinth levels. Should now not build the wall until everyone is outside of the tile.
  • Fixed “doubleshot” ranged exploit with bows and crossbows.